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Siem Reap Shooting Range

Trying to blow things up with your riffle machine in Siem Reap then it need to travel for whole day long within the trip, if you are already been traveling in Siem Reap’s Angkor Wat temples, and then trying to do thing else “it’s beside seeing those of the ancient temples”, and its gonna to be unforgettable thing to do rather than the ancient temples, then let come with us “Cambodia Shooting Ranges”, yes for sure we will bring to the site that you can’t be missed it forever, after the visiting.

Here we are the Cambodia Shooting ranges is the only one range that you can blow some things up with your rifle machine guns and the RPG.

Literally, Siem Reap shooting range outdoor is located about 2 hours drive, by car within one way each from Siem Reap town and those of the things you can shoot are RPG or well known as Bazooka or Rocket Launcher and Grenade Launchers or M79.

Bellow are the price of RPG or well known ad Bazooka and Grenade Launchers or M79

Siem Reap Shooting Range
Address: Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia.
Mobile : +855 12 825 771 or +855 16 825 771 for international call
`Mobile : 012825771 for domestic call from any hotel call
Whatapp: +855 16 825 771